music for motion picture

Music and Media


Music composed for feature films, docs, TV series and radio themes 

Rehearsal (2015)

Selected clips from this comedy/drama featuring Bruce Greenwood. Composed as a classic jazz score, the score was recorded live off the floor at Blue Wave Studios.

Peeler (2016)

Selected clips from this horror thriller with homicidal infected zombies that don’t die! Nominated for Best Music at multiple film festivals. 

Lost Legion (2014)

Selected clips from a European series based on an ancient Roman action drama with lots of sword fights and backstabbing – both verbally and graphically.

Wrecker (2015)

Selected clips from a modern horror thriller loosely based on Spielberg’s DUEL,  pitting two young women against a demon possessed truck.


Selected cuts from Leo nominated feature EMILE  (best music – feature) starring Sir Ian McKellen. Also music from LOLA with more exploratory and ambient sounds. Both films are moody and introspective.


17 Short Films About Breasts

A Leo nominated (music) documentary about breast cancer patients/ survivors and their personal journey with the disease.

Diary of an Alien

Selected cuts from an award winning short film about a woman’s travels to Japan as an english teacher. Winner of Westcoast Music Award for Best Music in Film.

Miscellaneous Demos and Trailers

Some demos in the style of Thomas Newman and some trailers – including Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt – In the Hall of the Mountain King. Closing with a scifi style trailer from TOXIN.

Game Music (2008-2018)

Selected cuts from various games with themes covering superhero, medieval, techno, fantasy and anime genres. 

Theme for VAHMS

Commissioned theme for the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Festival – an annual month long festival celebrating Asian culture.

Radio and TV Themes and IDs

Cuts from various themes composed for CBC, KVOS, Knowledge and other TV and radio station IDs.

Commercials and Jingles

Various commercials and jingles for clients worldwide. Watch out – there are vocals on these!

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